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Example taken from Lady GaGa’s Music Video – “Stupid Love” –
PLEASE NOTE: We will be more than happy to share a fair share of proceeds to Lady GaGa and the costume designer who made this mask. Our’s will cost much less but will still be very fashionable! I mean, aren’t we getting tired of those itchy, sweaty cloth masks they are telling us to wear that we keep taking off because we can’t breathe?! Give me a Break! These will be so much better!!!!

ALSO NOTE: by Jim Dillehay, is a startup that is waiting for the right investors to help us build factories in Tijuana and San Diego! Preferably Comedic or Musical Icons! HaHa – Good Luck!

Jim Dillehay, a.k.a. #TjJim giving thanks for a Tijuana Sunset

Jim Dillehay, a.k.a. #TjJim is the site administrator for at a political boat armada rally. (note, I will not put it in writing yet that I support Trump2020)
People made requests from my over 1,000 songs and I entertained with comedy, interviews, keys, and vocals to the hundreds that had gathered at the Shelter Island Launch, San Diego Bay. What a Joy!. . . . man, I gotta lose some weight!!! . . . We even sang happy birthday to the man himself!